About Us

Established on the 2nd of September 2016, STARE Resources Sdn. Bhd. was founded with a clear purpose: to address the growing demand for mission-oriented engineering solutions. With a strong focus on sustainable, renewable, and rapid technology applications, we aim to be at the forefront of innovation in our field. Our dedicated team is committed to leveraging our expertise to contribute to the development and advancement of not only Malaysia but also the international community. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, we aspire to make a lasting impact on the world stage.


Professional Engineer

We prioritize enhancing the value chain through people orientation, situational awareness, and social responsibility. By placing people at the forefront, we ensure that our strategies and initiatives are aligned with the needs and aspirations of our stakeholders. Our focus on situational awareness enables us to adapt swiftly, while our commitment to social responsibility ensures positive impacts on communities and environments. Through these principles, we drive sustainable growth and prosperity.


Empowering Innovative Technology and Fostering a Renewable Ecosystem


At our core, we are committed to pioneering eco-friendly solutions that strike a delicate balance between technological innovation and environmental preservation. Our overarching objective is to pave the way towards a sustainable future, driven by the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and the cultivation of renewable ecosystems. Through our relentless dedication to this vision, we aim to foster a harmonious coexistence between human progress and the natural world, thereby ensuring the long-term well-being of both present and future generations.



STARE Resources Sdn Bhd
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