Water Purification System (WPS)



Mobile, Towable Drinking Water Solution

The Water Purification System (WPS) is a mobile, trailer mounted device that is designed to treat raw, fresh water from lake or river into safe drinkable water intended for human consumption. The system is capable of producing at least 100,000 litres water per day or any user required capacity. It operates on two-level purification process (filtration and disinfection).

The system is equipped with autonomous pre-programmed control panel that is simple to operate. It offers a fast, reliable method of purifying raw water with a minimumamount of maintenance or operator supervision.

Treated Water

How Does Is Work

The system is equipped with a pump that is powered by a genset that is capable to feed raw water at a maximum distance of 25m and height difference of -5m.The water is then goes through a series of filtration before being disinfected and ready to be distributed.


WPS System

The Features


Towable Drinking Water Solution

The Components

  1. Control Panel
  2. Activated Carbon Filters
  3. Pre-filtration Cartridges
  4. Ultrafiltration Membrane Modules
  5. Buffer tank
  6. Generator Set Storage
  7. WPS Trailer
  8. Jerry Can
  9. Overrun Coupler & NATO Tow Ring
  10. Feed Pump

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